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Thursday, July 20


Creators, Libraries, and Literacy
UPDATED: Thu, Jul 13, 09:15PM
Meet some of your favorite comics creators in a discussion about why librarians and libraries are important to them, featuring Raina Telgemeier, Matt Holm, Molly Ostertag, and Zander Cannon, and Mike Lawrence with moderator Candice Mack (Los Angeles Public Library).

Thursday July 20, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am
Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library


Picture Books for Grown-Ups: Why Graphic Novels Matter to Adults
UPDATED: Mon, Jul 10, 09:22PM
Why should your library invest in an adult graphic novel collection? Panelists will discuss the benefits of adult graphic novel collections to the library and community, give tips on how to justify these collections to library management and stakeholders, and explain the value of graphic novels in academic libraries. The session will also review the differences between adult and teen materials, provide guidance for creating a diverse and well-balanced collection, and share how graphic novels are used with adult learners to develop critical reading and writing skills. With panelists Monica Barrette (Escondido Public Library), Matthew Murray (University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries), Lalitha Nataraj (Escondido Public Library), and Steven Torres-Roman (San Diego Public Library), and Amie Wright.

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm
Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library


Discover Breaking into Comics and Staying There
UPDATED: Fri, Jul 14, 09:03PM
Everyone wants to know how to break into comics, but once you do, how do you stay there? Join Nerdist Writers Panel creator/host Ben Blacker (creator, The Thrilling Adventure Hour) as he leads a discussion with some of the biggest personalities from every corner of the comic book industry to discuss their paths into comics, describe how they overcame roadblocks, and offer tips and advice on how to get your foot in the door and, later, enjoy an enduring career. Featuring Matt Gagnon (editor-in-chief, BOOM! Studios), Bryce Carlson (managing editor, BOOM! Studios), Felipe Smith (All-New Ghost Rider), David F. Walker (War for the Planet of the Apes), John Allison (Giant Days), Dan Mora (Saban's Go Go Power Rangers), and Jackie Ball (Goldie Vance).

Thursday July 20, 2017 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Room 28DE


Marvel: Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way
UPDATED: Thu, Jul 20, 08:37PM
Are you a writer or artist? Ever dream of working for Marvel? Do you find yourself thinking, "I could do that . . . if I knew how!" Well, here's your chance! Join talent scout Rickey Purdin and mighty Marvel guests including Donny Cates (Captain America: Steve Rogers), Erica Henderson (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), Ken Lashley (X-Men Gold), Matthew Rosenberg (Secret Warriors), and David F. Walker (Luke Cage) to find out the answers on how to get your foot in the door and make your job MARVEL!

Thursday July 20, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Room 25ABC


2017: The State of Iron Man Tech
UPDATED: Mon, Jul 10, 04:16PM
Tony Stark and the technologies he creates are a part of modern lexicon. Mainstream publications like The Atlantic run articles like "Everyone Wants Elon Musk to Be Tony Stark," and Musk himself admits that some of his inventions are modeled after Stark creations. While Musk has yet to build a flying exosuit or a J.A.R.V.I.S.-style assistant, others have. Some of these inventors will join moderator Steve Broback (Dent the Future, LLC) to discuss their innovations—ones that could have come straight out of Stark Industries. Panelists include inventor and TED speaker Richard Browning (founder of Gravity.co), who actually flies via his jet engine-powered suit, along with Chris Gerty (informatics subsystem team lead, NASA—Johnson Space Center), Adam Draper (founder & managing director, Boost VC), and Zoë Bell (stunt woman and actress).

Thursday July 20, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Room 32AB


Disney Animation Studios: The Art of Story
UPDATED: Mon, Jul 17, 06:58PM
Think, act, draw, pitch. Get the inside scoop on the story development process from the story artists of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The artists will share their creative process for going from script to board to pitch. Panelists include Lissa Treiman (story supervisor), Brian Kesinger (story artist) and Nancy Kruse (story artist). Moderated by Paul Briggs (director).

Thursday July 20, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Room 7AB


3D Printed Props, Tips, and Tricks
UPDATED: Thu, Jul 06, 05:39PM
Learn 3D printing tips and tricks, from proper materials and the right printer for the job to techniques on finishing and durability. Veteran prop maker Mike Syfritt (Mad Propps), Daniel Hawkins (The Digital Armory), and Will Co (CoKreeate) will each bring their own expertise to this insightful panel.

Thursday July 20, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Grand 1 & 2, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina


How to Judge What Is Appropriate in Comics: What Does T for Teen Really Mean?
UPDATED: Mon, Jul 10, 09:22PM
Cataloging and collection development practices for comic books, especially when it comes to age ranges and placement, can make librarians want to tear their hair out. In this session, the discussion will focus on understanding the content that justifies the labels of middle grade, young adult, or adult. It will also address the question of "Does 'T' really mean for teen?" The panelists will provide their insights on how to manage a series that starts in young adult and ends R-rated. Additionally, because comics are targets for censorship, they will also review how librarians can handle challenges to material and banned books and continue to fulfill the American Library Association's statement on access to library resources and services to minors. With panelists Angela Ocana (Santa Clara City Library), Kelly Quinn Chiu (Santa Clara City Library), Jenny McCluskey (Ingram Library Services), Ben Neal (Portsmouth Public Library), Steven Torres-Roman (San Diego Public Library), and Andrew Woodrow-Butcher.

Thursday July 20, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library


Manga Publishing Pros Industry Roundtable
UPDATED: Thu, Jul 13, 07:41PM
For over 30 years, manga has had its share of challenges in North America. But with more titles available in English on the same day as Japan and more variety available in both print and digital formats, manga is definitely here to stay and on the rise once more. Get a taste of what's hot, what's not, and what's next for manga in North America and Japan from top publishing pros, including Leyla Aker (senior vice president of publishing, VIZ Media), Ben Applegate (associate director of publisher services, Penguin Random House), Erik Ko (chief of operations, Udon Entertainment), Michael Gombos (director of international licensing, Dark Horse Comics), JuYoun Lee (editor-in-chief, Yen Press), and perhaps a few special guests. Moderated by David Brothers (4thletter!, Comics Alliance).

Thursday July 20, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Room 29AB


Simulated Worlds: Writing for Virtual Reality and Games
UPDATED: Wed, Jul 12, 09:23PM
Writers for games and virtual reality talk about the industry's next big thing. What's different about writing for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)? And how does it change the way gamers interact with your games? Game writers and industry professionals discuss the potential pitfalls and challenges of this next leap in technology as well as the potential for new narratives moving forward. Panelists include Jonathan Callan (senior writer, Survios and "Raw Data"), Collin Kelly (writer, adviser to the USC Games Program), Andrew Robinson (senior writer, Animation and Cinematics at Blizzard Entertainment), Nathan Burba (chief executive officer, Survios), and James Iliff (co-founder/chief creative officer at Survios).

Thursday July 20, 2017 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Room 25ABC


12 Monkeys
UPDATED: Wed, Jul 12, 04:32PM
Attention, time travelers! After an exciting season of searching for, and ultimately finding, the Witness, everyone was stunned by the revelations in the finale. Join the executive producer Terry Matalas and stars Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Emily Hampshire, Alisen Down, and Todd Stashwick as they look back at the show's most talked-about moments and tease the upcoming fourth and final season. You won't want to miss some exclusive surprises! Moderated by Alicia Lutes.

Thursday July 20, 2017 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Room 6BCF
Saturday, July 22


Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Star?
UPDATED: Fri, Jul 21, 04:01AM
These panelists will tell the true stories of the worst moments in their professional careers and how they overcame them. From vicious feuds to absolute mortification, these actors bare it all. Would you be able to pick yourself up and keep going? Featuring Claudia Christian (Babylon 5, Atlantis), Mira Furlan (Babylon 5, Lost), Andrea Thompson (NYPD Blue, Babylon 5), Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4), Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica, Imposters), Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13, Bones), and Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5, Night of The Living Dead). For further information on how to attend this panel, please read more about the Horton Grand Theatre.

Saturday July 22, 2017 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Horton Grand Theatre
Sunday, July 23


The Secret Origin of Good Readers
UPDATED: Sat, Jul 22, 07:24PM
Get tips and insights on using comic creation tools to increase learning in your classroom. Special guests: New York Times and USA Today bestseller Anne Elizabeth (Once a SEAL), writer/editor Dave Elliot (The Weirding Willows), librarian Karen Green (Columbia University), and retailer Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics).

Sunday July 23, 2017 11:00am - 12:30pm
Room 23ABC


GeekEd #2: Shall We Play a Game?
UPDATED: Wed, Jul 12, 12:27AM
"Play" is all around us, particularly at colleges and universities and especially here at Comic-Con. But how often do people stop to realize how much "play" affects how they live? A panel of game scholars discuss how building better games, identifying the biases within them, and the act of "play" helps people empathize with others and provides them with a guideline for this work on college campuses. Today's classroom environment demands that scholars not just implement but also understand the impacts of digital media. This panel of scholars will explore the intersection of games, learning and inclusivity in the context of curriculum development, activism, policy, history, and game design. Panelists include Constance Steinkuehler (UC Irvine; Senior Policy Analyst, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy 2011-2012), Bonnie Ruberg (UC Irvine), Kurt Squire (UC Irvine), Amanda Cullen (UC Irvine), and Aaron Trammell (UC Irvine). This panel is one of four specifically focused on college and university staff, faculty, and students.

Sunday July 23, 2017 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library


GeekEd #3: Caring for the Nerd Mind
UPDATED: Wed, Jul 12, 12:26AM
Teachers, education administrators, and student affairs professionals are being called to respond to a wide variety of mental health concerns across the education landscape, with students today managing greater educational debt, digital identities, and high expectations for academic performance. This panel of educators and mental health experts share how they have applied their passion for fandom and the lessons they've learned from superheroes to develop new best practices for promoting mental health in schools and on campuses. Panelists include Andrea Letamendi, Brent Crandal, Alfred Day (UC Berkeley), Adrian Perdue (UCLA), and Brian MacDonald (UCLA). This panel is one of four specifically focused on college and university staff, faculty, and students.

Sunday July 23, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library


GeekEd #4: Comics in Secondary Education
UPDATED: Wed, Jul 12, 12:32AM
How can you bring your love of comics into your role as an educator, and how can you utilize comics to prepare students for college, not only academically but also socially? Teachers from California schools discuss incorporating comics, including Ms. Marvel, Batman, Maus, Persepolis, and Pride of Baghdad, into English, world history, psychology, and special education courses. Take students from the comics panel to the dormitory! Panelists include Jason Goldman-Hall (Pioneer High School), Alexander Hung-Diep (Andrew Hill High School), Jenny Kim (Pioneer High School), Courtney Arndt (Independence High School) and Michelle Kittel (Rocketship Academy). This panel is one of four specifically focused on college and university staff, faculty, and students.

Sunday July 23, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library


More Science in Your Fiction with the League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers
UPDATED: Tue, Jul 11, 04:29PM
Writers, directors, sci-fi fans, and kids: Get ready to ask your questions about the real science in your fiction! Jeane Wong (founder and educator, LXS) is obsessed with science and has a solid background in superheroes and teaching young minds about discovering those same powers in the real world-from tiny insects to deep ocean creatures to robots, rockets, and beyond! Jeane hosts Dr. Andy Allen (professor, Scripps Institute of Oceanography), Dr. Tom Darlington (chief scientist, nanoComposix), Ben Frable (marine biologist, Scripps Institute of Oceanography), Dr. Sunny Fugate (engineer, A.I. Research, Space and Naval Warfare Systems), Dr. Nicolas Galitzki (cosmologist, University of California San Diego), Dr. Jeff McQuaid (marine biologist, Scripps Institute of Science), Jason Roberg (professor, conceptual science), Dr. Lisa Zeigler (viral ecologist, J. Craig Venter Instititute), and Angela Zoumplis (scientist, National Science Foundation). They will discuss how comics and science fiction push scientists and engineers to rocket past what is known to be possible and into an otherwise unimaginable future!

Sunday July 23, 2017 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 28DE