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Thursday, July 20


Comic–Con Film School 101
Comic-Con Film School is back for another four-day nuts and bolts class on how to make a movie for very little money using available video technology and software. Whether you're shooting your first Deadpool fan film or that story about the leather-clad girl who hunts the undead, this course will take you from script to final product so that you, too, can enter your own movie into the CCI:IFF. This first class covers the specifics of preproduction on the cheap, including screenwriting, scheduling, location scouting, crewing-up, and getting equipment for nothing. Panelists include Valerie Perez (producer/star of the Paula Peril series), Jack Conway (head of programming, Vision Entertainment), Vera VanGuard (writer/producer/star of Breaking Barbi), Nick Murphy (writer/director, All Night Skate), and Sean Rourke (writer of Ballistica).

Thursday July 20, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Wishing Jar
Alongside her walking teddy bear, young Ruby encounters giant goldfish, floating cities, and a mysterious,

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:05am - 11:35am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Pizza Face
A self-absorbed pizza waitress unleashes devastating horror after downloading a sinister mobile app. Panelists include Justin Ulloa (co-director), Jamie Dwyer (co-director), and actress Diane Marshall-Green (Bad Behavior ).

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:35am - 12:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Teacup
A cautionary tale about a man who is afraid to go outside, content and happy living in his little house. One day there is a knock on his door and everything changes . . . Panelists include Elif Boyacioglu (writer/director) and Lynn O'Reilly (production manager/animation director).

Thursday July 20, 2017 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Miniature & Practical VFX in Blockbuster Movies
Fon Davis (BattleBots, Cake Masters) calls on his extensive background in miniature and practical VFX to share behind-the-scenes images and teach you cool in-camera tricks, some of which you could even create in your garage.

Thursday July 20, 2017 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Nemesister: Rio Underground
Babette Buster, PI, and her assistant Cole are interrupted while sunbathing on a Rio De Janeiro beach. What begins as a Brazilian vacation soon becomes a search and rescue adventure of cosmic proportions. Panelists include Craig Clark ( The Kustomonsters, The Simpsons), Laura Behary (creator, Nemesister), and Quinn Kitmitto (Marvel Avengers Academy).

Thursday July 20, 2017 1:40pm - 2:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Here’s the Plan
A married cat-dog couple of cupcake bakers dream of opening their own bakery. Somewhere down the line, they drift apart from their dream and from themselves. Participating panelist include Fernanda Frick (director,When I'm Scared, Rabbit Stew), María José Barros (producer,Order of Belfry, Corazon de Obsidiana), and María José Venegas-Spadafora (animator, Industrial Light & Magic).

Thursday July 20, 2017 2:00pm - 2:35pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Rad Rovers
Yearning for the respect of its superior officer, the rambunctious ExoMars rover sets out to get attention the only way it knows how: rad stunts! Panelists are Turner Sinopoli (director), Christian Klein (producer), and Elangie Pereda (lead rigger).

Thursday July 20, 2017 2:35pm - 2:50pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


A boy is lost in an animal city dominated by a mysterious power. Before dawn, he must make every effort with Barkley to reveal the secret.

Thursday July 20, 2017 2:50pm - 4:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Cop Dog
The sixth film in Bill Plympton's Oscar-nominated Guard Dog series, in which the plucky hero has a new occupation: patrolling our airports to sniff out illegal drugs. You know that's not going to end well. On hand will be director/animator Bill Plympton (Your Face, Cheatin').

Thursday July 20, 2017 4:30pm - 5:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Secrets to Greenlight Your Indie Project
It's the golden age of pop culture and content, so how do you get a green light for your compelling TV series, films, games, comics, books, and animation? Learn the dos, don'ts, and secrets of success from the trailblazers that know how to get a "yes!" With P. J. Haarsma (Con Man with Alan Tudyk), Rebekah Ganiere (Amazon bestseller Fairelle series), John Merritt (Tentacle Kitty),Raene Merritt (Tentacle Kitty), and James Ganiere (Rio Vista Universal) moderator of the Q&A.

Thursday July 20, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Deep in the swampy wilds of Louisiana, a monster lurks, preying on bad Catholics who fail to keep to their Lenten vows. Fearing for her alcoholic father's safety, a little girl braves the dangers of the bayou to find the magical ingredients to save her father and vanquish the Rougarou. Panelists include director Catherine Taylor (The Drowners), producer Erika N. Ewing (Shadow Puppet VR), and DP Sophia Stiegliz ( Pristine Seas).

Thursday July 20, 2017 6:05pm - 6:35pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


It Began Without Warning
The time has come, the Walrus said. And all the little oysters stood and waited in a row. From Couper Samuelson, executive producer of Get Out. Panelists include filmmakers Santiago C. Tapia (co-director/writer/producer),Jessica Curtright (co-director/writer/producer), and co-producer Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite).

Thursday July 20, 2017 6:35pm - 6:55pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Witching Hour
On Halloween night, George, a fearful young boy, crosses paths with the spooky and bewitching Susie, and she takes him by the hand on an adventurous night of mischief into the haunted Beauregard Manor. Panelists include Anabel Boyanova (producer), Riley Geis (director), and Ian Quill (cinematographer).

Thursday July 20, 2017 6:55pm - 7:20pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Reanimated carnivorous beings began a citywide pandemic, the government has sealed off the city with a large wall, and inside a new society has emerged.

Thursday July 20, 2017 7:20pm - 8:10pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


After becoming separated from his family during the zombie outbreak, Daniel must fight and survive his way through both the infected and civilian-killing militias to find them. Panelists include Tina Carbone (producer), Roy Arwas (director), and Tonya Le (special effects makeup artist).

Thursday July 20, 2017 8:10pm - 8:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


While embarking on a road trip, Stewart and Verity are confronted by their autonomous (self-driving/robotic) car, which is capable of sensing its environment and navigating through danger without human input until it is presented with an impossible choice based on its own technical horror toward certain humans. Which victim will they choose to save their lives? This philosophical quandary has dire consequences. Panelists include Mike Jeffs (director/writer),Mason Banks (voice-over actor), Adam Gilmore (actor), and Machelle Noel (actress/producer).

Thursday July 20, 2017 8:30pm - 8:55pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Hollow Child
A troubled foster teen, Samantha, works to expose a dangerous changeling imposter in her new family and rescue her foster sister. Panelists include Jeremy Lutter (director, Joanna Makes a Friend), Ben Rollo (writer,Gord's Brother), and Robin Chan (executive producer, Anxious Oswald Greene).

Thursday July 20, 2017 8:55pm - 10:40pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Those Lips
A young woman discovers the horrors of her plastic surgeon and his eerily similar patients. Panelists include director Steven Krimmel (Disconnection), writer/producer/actress Ashley Erin Campbell (Above Jewels), and makeup artist/actress Melissa Jobe (Jane the Virgin).

Thursday July 20, 2017 10:40pm - 11:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Five Cups
A woman's encounter with a horrifying entity is chronicled over a series of weekly breakfasts with her best friend. Panelists include Jordan Noel (director), Lance Herd (writer), and Sophie Edwards (actor).

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:00pm - 11:10pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Bad Heads
A classic Hollywood horror style tale of Jenny, a lonely woman who loses her mind in the search for love and finds the perfect lover in her own peculiar way. Panelists include lead

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:10pm - 11:40pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Last Drop
A group of strangers meet to talk about their addiction. Their good efforts to stay on the "straight and narrow" path are challenged when Dennis accidentally joins their group. Do they have their addiction under control?

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:40pm - 11:50pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


A teenage girl takes a selfie while she is home alone and tries to upload it to her social media account, but soon she realizes that she is #NotAlone . . .

Thursday July 20, 2017 11:50pm - 11:55pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4
Friday, July 21


Comic–Con Film School 102
Day two of this four-day course on micro-budget movie-making focuses on the specifics of production, from shooting techniques to lighting on the cheap to crew positions you need (and don't need) to costuming, props, and set decorating for as little money as possible. Panelists include Valerie Perez (producer/star of the Paula Peril series), Jack Conway (head of programming Vision Entertainment), Vera Vanguard (writer/producer/star ofBreaking Barbi), Nick Murphy (writer/director, All Night Skate), and Sean Rourke (writer, Ballistica ).

Friday July 21, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


There Can Only Be One
A mysterious woman walks into a comic book shop searching for a rare Spider-Man #1. Panelists include director Greg Vestal (Soulcatcher) and actress Daphne Lewis (Harry and the Rock).

Friday July 21, 2017 11:05am - 11:20am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Super Debt
When Bridget Lee, a.k.a. the superhero Firebird, uses her credit cards to buy her superhero gear, she gets into deep financial debt. She must find a way to pay off her credit cards as well as to save the city. Panelists include Girard Tecson (writer/director) and Sean Cameron (NYPD officer).

Friday July 21, 2017 11:20am - 11:40am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Other Half
A comedy about a man breaking up with himself.
Panelists include Ben West (writer/director), Wendy Green (producer), and Sean Meehan (cinematographer).

Friday July 21, 2017 11:40am - 12:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Meanwhile, at the Citadel of Superheroes …
Lizzy Lampert was an ordinary citizen until an accident granted her amazing lightning powers! Now she can join her city's heroes . . . if she can only pass the job interview. Featured panelists: Marcus Mann (writer/co-director), Andrew Neill (producer/co-director), and Katie Vannelli (lead actress).

Friday July 21, 2017 12:00pm - 12:20pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Dylan, Oscar, and Hamilton are having a regular morning when their lives are turned upside down by the appearance of a mysterious comic book. They find themselves on a wild adventure that starts out innocently enough but quickly spirals into peril with their real lives at stake. And all before they've even had breakfast! Panelists include writer/director/actor Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, composer Sam Plotkin, and Bridget LaMonica (steadicam operator).

Friday July 21, 2017 12:20pm - 1:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Selling The Hit—What You Always Wanted To Know About the Stunt Industry
Stuntmen/women Esteban Cueto , James Gerardi, Brian Danner, Bryan McGowan, Patricia Tallman, Jessie Graff, and others discuss their experiences and offer advice in getting into and navigating the stunt industry in movies and TV, as well as how the industry has changed and is changing. Moderated by Eric Cajiuat.

Friday July 21, 2017 1:00pm - 2:05pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


A young hitman falls in love with his mark. He must hide this secret from his boss, who is also his mother. Panelists include Edmund Kwan (director), Toy Lei ( Carne y Arena), and Cassandra Liu (actress).

Friday July 21, 2017 2:05pm - 2:20pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Bulleteers
When a quirky but deadly outlaw returns to town, it's up to a masked hero to gather a group of misfits to save the townspeople from the wrath of Todd. Participating panelist include Kyle Roberts (director), Edna Garcia (actor), and Cate Jones (actor).

Friday July 21, 2017 2:20pm - 2:40pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


As her jet spins out of control, a combat pilot searches for the strength to survive as she fights to see her daughter, Karman, again. Panelists include Austin Baur (writer/director), Victor Inglés (director of photography), and Victoria Cragg (producer and editor).

Friday July 21, 2017 2:40pm - 3:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


A girl with total recall of her sensory memory is blackmailed into locating another eidetic in order to save her terminally ill mother until she discovers that the man she hunts has a far deeper connection to her. Panelists include Akash Sk (director/actor), Stefania Perera (producer/actress), and Akshan Impett (fight choreographer).

Friday July 21, 2017 3:00pm - 3:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Independent Filmmaking for Low Budget Features and Webseries
Chris Ray (managing partner, DeInstitutionalized Films), Gerald Webb (managing partner, DeInstitutionalized Films), and special guest James Cullen Bressack (writer, director, producer) share their collective wisdom on how to independently produce your indie project with a low budget.

Friday July 21, 2017 3:30pm - 4:35pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


El Chevere
A stranger comes to town in search of a mysterious unstoppable creature known only as El Chévere. Panelists include writer/actor Evan Reames, director Tony Reames (Dead by Midnight), and VFX Torey Haas ( Invasion of the Undead).

Friday July 21, 2017 4:35pm - 4:45pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Mckenna Haydon is a young woman with . . . issues. Not "Becky stole my boyfriend!" issues. More like "Every time I fall asleep everything around me catches fire" issues. Even worse, it's her first day of a new job at a frozen yogurt shop, which is about to be attacked by murderous thugs! You're in for one hot ride! Panelists include Collin Lockett (writer/director), Diana Allgair (production designer), and Austin Cassel (actor).

Friday July 21, 2017 4:45pm - 5:05pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Mystery Jones! Back in Business
Mystery Jones! Back in Business-When Mystery Jones's childhood nemesis returns, the retired detective re-dons his trench coat to investigate who's stealing cookies . . . and who's making all this crack cocaine.

Friday July 21, 2017 5:05pm - 5:25pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Speed Date
During their weekly Sunday football meetup, Josh's buddies conjure up the brilliant idea of sending him out on a day of "Ryde Buddy" trips with their pal, Brooke-a Ryde driver-in order to find him a girlfriend. While Josh does indeed meet a number of eligible ladies, he quickly finds that looking for love isn't as simple as he had hoped. Brooke, a true friend and aspiring matchmaker, does her best to keep him going when he wants to give up after a few failed attempts, but mostly because an all-expenses paid meal at a swanky joint hangs in the balance. Will he find his Player Two, or will it be Game Over for Josh? His fate may be just one Ryde request away. Panelists include Shannan Leigh Reeve (director), Danielle Rayne (Mass Effect: Andromeda), and Nicole Pacent (Anyone But Me).

Friday July 21, 2017 5:25pm - 6:05pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


When her crush shows up at a party, Natalie vows to make him hers. She just has to keep her fire powers under control before her night goes up in flames. As the evening heats up, she learns the price of being cool.

Friday July 21, 2017 6:05pm - 6:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Mobile Filmmaking: How to Make a Movie Using a Smart Phone
Mobile filmmaking is becoming the next big thing! You have heard of movies that used smartphone cameras to shoot, but you may still not be convinced that you can make a movie yourself using this device. Smartphone cameras now have the capability of shooting 4K-which makes mobile filmmaking now a possibility to be taken seriously. Meet the founder of the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, Susan Botello (S. Botello Productions), and San Diego mobile filmmakers Anthony De La Cruz and Rick Narvaez, who will share the ins and outs of what you need to get started as a mobile filmmaker. Do you need an app? Can you use microphones? How do you stabilize your videos for a smoother, more professional look? Do you need a million dollars? They will answer your questions and present some cool filmmaking tools and accessories. Learn to edit on the phone (or computer) and share your films with the world. With moderator Machelle Noel (GeekRockTV).

Friday July 21, 2017 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Dos Lunas
Scavenging to survive, Clara makes a discovery that changes her world. Panelists include Matthew Renoir (Beast Wishes), John Bennett (Harbinger Down), and Premstar Santana (Seer).

Friday July 21, 2017 7:30pm - 7:50pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


When a Mars colony's comm satellite is damaged, Emilia Riley embarks on a seemingly harmless repair excursion. A shuttle malfunction cuts connectivity to the ground, and Chris, her son, makes the kneejerk decision to go after her. Panelists include Tom Teller (director, Frame 48 CEO), Andrew Guastaferro (writer), and Corinne DeLouise (production designer).

Friday July 21, 2017 7:50pm - 8:25pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


On the last leg of his journey, a Spanish conquistador battles through the South American jungle as he inches closer to his mythical destination.
Panelists include Austin Everett (director, Secondhand Hearts ), Concepcion Alicino (producer, Secondhand Hearts), and Nicholas Masciangelo (Hawaii Five-O).

Friday July 21, 2017 8:25pm - 8:45pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


In the future, resurrection is a reality for those who can afford the price-until Derek Krat is brought back to life before he has actually died. Now this unwanted copy must fight for his own survival before his creators can erase him for good. Panelists includeBradford Hill (director), Graham Sibley (Zombie Honeymoon), and Andrew M. Henderson (writer, Alternate Realities).

Friday July 21, 2017 8:45pm - 9:25pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


From the Veil
Targus, a Knight of the Vanguard, is the last remaining soldier after a devastating battle with an orc horde. After discovering he is not alone, he musters the last of his strength so that he may return home. Panelists include Guy Iorio (director), Alexander Crews (writer), and David Dewaik (visual effects supervisor).

Friday July 21, 2017 9:25pm - 9:45pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


After Earth becomes uninhabitable, clones are sent to space to preserve humanity. When Earth is ready to sustain life again, they are released in fours, but due to a malfunction a clone girl lands on the planet alone. Forced to adapt, she learns to survive but yearns for human interaction. Panelists include writer/directorBrodin Plett (Hollow), editor Joe Booroojian (Warfighter), and producer Wesley Yen ( What If?).

Friday July 21, 2017 9:45pm - 10:15pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Ark
Kate and Patrick wake up in a strange, pristine room. They soon find out that there has been a devastating nuclear attack and that they were selected for a special mission by the U.S. government: They will parent the next great American generation. Participating panelist include Rom Weissman (writer/director) and actors Diogo Hausen and Isabel Siragusa

Friday July 21, 2017 10:15pm - 10:35pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


When people have been living in an underground society, believing the surface world is hazardously polluted, Shou, a young artist, embarks on the journey to the sky with his new friend MANA to find his purpose, believing "hope still exists." Participating panelist include Hiroki Wakamatsu (director), Julia Cavanaugh (Bonejangles), and Sean Pack (composer, Castle).

Friday July 21, 2017 10:35pm - 11:10pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Rat’s Dilemma
In the midst of the Holocaust, a gifted Jewish physicist named Rudolph is forced to build a teleporter for the Nazis. Rudolph keeps telling his Nazi supervisor Heinz that the machine doesn't work yet, but Heinz suspects Rudolph is hiding something. As Heinz is determined to squeeze the truth out by any means necessary, Rudolph soon has to face the dilemma of his life.

Friday July 21, 2017 11:10pm - 11:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


A medical aid robot struggles to find the humanity in its Alzheimer's patient in order to validate his existence as well as its own. Panelists include Nikki Lee (director), Carolina Garrigo (producer), and Layne Inselman (cinematography).

Friday July 21, 2017 11:30pm - 11:45pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Deadly mechanical corsets from Master Ferdinand-the best corsets in Twighburg! Try on and enjoy! Panelists include Olga Twighlight (director, creator) and Ekaterina Stetciuk (producer).

Friday July 21, 2017 11:45pm - Saturday July 22, 2017 12:15am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Beta Test
A venturesome and daring fighter named Ethan is selected to participate in a beta test within a virtual reality game. Things become not so virtual when his life is put at risk by a computer programmer, Stanwick, who is obsessed with finding a way to incorporate real physical pain into his project. After being warned by Amy, a new data analyst, Ethan must escape before he becomes forever trapped inside the game.

Saturday July 22, 2017 12:15am - 12:25am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Grigori Scott, the last man on a withered and abandoned Earth, grapples with memories of his old life at the 10th anniversary of his isolation. Participating panelists include Mary Kate Broadway (director).

Saturday July 22, 2017 12:25am - 12:35am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4
Saturday, July 22


Comic–Con Film School 103
Day three of this course on micro-budget movie-making deals with how to direct actors, organize a crew, and keep them all happy without anybody making a dime. Panelists includeValerie Perez (producer/star of the Paula Peril series),Jack Conway (head of programming, Vision Entertainment),Vera Vanguard (writer/producer/star of Breaking Barbi),Nick Murphy (writer/director, All Night Skate),Sean Rourke (writer, Ballistica), and actorsMegan Rees, Kelsey Walmer, Dylan Rourke, and Bradley Upton.

Saturday July 22, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


24 Hour Comic
Eight artists confined to a comic book store partake in Scott McCloud's 24-Hour Comic Challenge. Each attempts to write, draw, and complete a 24-page comic in 24 hours. Panelists include Milan Erceg (director), artistDavid Chelsea (author, David Chelsea in Love), and Paul Guinan (creator of Boilerplate).

Saturday July 22, 2017 11:05am - 12:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


A Few Minutes with Forry
Forrest J. Ackerman is known to millions of film fans around the world as the creator of the first American publication solely devoted to horror, science fiction, and fantasy, Famous Monsters of Filmland. Forry was also the owner of one of the largest collections of fantasy and horror film memorabilia, which included props, costumes, books, and magazines. The film follows Ackerman as he takes viewers on tour of his world famous Ackermansion with wonderful anecdotes about the incredible collection.

Saturday July 22, 2017 12:30pm - 1:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


How To: Documentary Filmmaking
Returning for its third consecutive year, Edward Doty (Fighting in Plain Sight, Roundtable) moderates a panel of documentary filmmakers in this one-hour intensive class. From preproduction necessities to production pitfalls and postproduction workflow, topics covered in this panel will serve as an insightful primer for understanding and learning to create nonfiction film.

Saturday July 22, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously
Neil Gaiman is a beloved storyteller, conjuring modern myths that have earned him a fervent fan base. But what is his own story? Find out in this epic documentary that gets you up close and personal with Neil himself. Panelists include director Patrick Meaney (Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods) and cinematographer Jordan Rennert (She Makes Comics ).

Saturday July 22, 2017 2:05pm - 3:35pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story
Mike " Q.T. Marshall" Cuellari has been wrestling in minor and major wrestling circuits for the last 12 years (WWE, ROH, TNA). After years of traveling, sustaining injuries, and living week to week on edge, Q.T. has decided he needs to think about where his future is heading. Now Q.T. is turning 30, and he has one last tryout for the prestigious World Wrestling Entertainment. Q.T. must lay it all on the line at the Monster Factory and impress WWE talent scout and hall of famer Gerald Brisco. If he fails, he will be forced to lace up his wrestling boots forever. Panelists include Frank Zarrillo (director/producer), Frank Carr (executive producer), Mike "Q.T. Marshall" Cuellari (star), and Joe Zarrillo (sound mixing, producer).

Saturday July 22, 2017 3:35pm - 5:25pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


The Art and Science of Film Pyrotechnics and Firearms
Ever wonder how those explosions and battle scenes in the movies really happen? How about the science and technology behind the colors and shapes of your favorite annihilation scenes? Can those crazy gunfights and blasts onscreen actually happen in real life? These pyro and firearms experts will divulge how they did it, along with lots of cool videos and funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes. They'll also offer tips on getting into the business and the kinds of certifications and training you'll need. With panelists Thomas Seymour (Criminal Minds), miniatures expertRobert "Hutch" Hutchins (Apollo 13), Dimitri and Beckie Timohovich (Team America World Police, Burning Man), and former Green Beret Terry Schappert and Independent Studios Services head of armor Larry Zanoff (both stars of TV'sHollywood Weapons). Moderated by Fast Company's Susan Karlin

Saturday July 22, 2017 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke
A rare look into the life of a Hollywood legend as he returns to his hometown and visits his recently condemned childhood home. Panelists include Logan Sekulow (director) and Dillon Spears (producer/composer).

Saturday July 22, 2017 6:35pm - 7:15pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Fandom on Film: Deep Dive Docs the FauxPop Way
In a panel loaded with never-before-seen process footage (and maybe some special guests!) from past, present, and future projects, FauxPop Media's writer/director Randall Lobb and DP/production designer Isaac Elliott-Fisher point fingers and name names as they take you behind the scenes of their Definitive Film documentary series, including Turtle Power, A Riddle of Steel, Power of Grayskull (and more) to reveal how what started as small, indie, fan-focused video blew up into deep dive, studio-ready, feature documentaries that appeal equally to mainstream audiences, hardcore fans, and IP owners alike.

Saturday July 22, 2017 7:15pm - 8:20pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Art of the Game: Ukiyo-e Heroes
A journey of discovery into how a Canadian craftsman and an American designer teamed up to revive the ancient art of Japanese woodblock prints known as "Ukiyo-e" by juxtaposing traditional art with pop culture icons including video game heroes such as Super Mario and Pokémon. Screening followed by Q&A with the artist Jed Henry and the director Toru Tokikawa

Saturday July 22, 2017 8:20pm - 10:10pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


Touching Sound
In the twilight years of the American arcade, one little-known game would bring touchscreens to an unsuspecting public a year before the first iPad and forge a community unlike any other, only to be abandoned by its developer without notice or explanation. This is the story of DJMAX Technika, the first modern touchscreen arcade game, and the people it brought together. Panelists include director Nicholas Dobkin (creator, Kanon Rock), producer Eric Tortora Pato (HitRECord on TV), and composer Matthew Pablo (audio producer, EverWing).

Saturday July 22, 2017 10:10pm - 11:40pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4
Sunday, July 23


Comic–Con Film School 104
The final day of our comprehensive course on micro-budget movie-making revolves around what to do after your movie is shot. Panelists will go over the basics of postproduction on your home computer as well as what software to use for editing, graphic design, sound design, visual FX, and finally, how to optimize your movie for uploading to the Internet. Panelists includeValerie Perez (producer/star of the Paula Peril series),Jack Conway (head of programming, Vision Entertainment), Nick Murphy (writer/director, All Night Skate), and Sean Rourke (writer, Ballistica).

Sunday July 23, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


CCI–IFF Awards Presentation
The films have been shown-now it's time to award the recipients of the 2017 Comic-Con Independent Film Festival with their trophies and recognition! Comic-Con'sAdam Neese talks to this year's trio of judges, filmmaker Steve Desmond (writer/director/producer of last year's CCI:IFF Judges' Choice award selection, Monsters), Tamiko Brownlee (stunt performer, actress, motion capture actor, fight coordinator, Halo 5: Guardians, True Blood), and cult horror movie favorite Ted Raimi (Spider-Man film series, Ash vs. Evil Dead), about the films and presents prizes and trophies to the winners.

Sunday July 23, 2017 11:00am - 11:55am
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4


CCI–IFF Award Winners Showcase
(Winners and times TBA)
The films have been shown-now it's time to award the recipients of the 2017 Comic-Con Independent Film Festival with their trophies and recognition! Comic-Con'sAdam Neese talks to this year's trio of judges, filmmaker Steve Desmond (writer/director/producer of last year's CCI:IFF Judges' Choice award selection, Monsters), Tamiko Brownlee (stunt performer, actress, motion capture actor, fight coordinator, Halo 5: Guardians, True Blood), and cult horror movie favorite Ted Raimi (Spider-Man film series, Ash vs. Evil Dead), about the films and presents prizes and trophies to the winners.

Sunday July 23, 2017 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4