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Ryan Higginson

Escondido, California
Ryan Higginson West is the nephew of Iris West and Barry Allen by marriage, and was introduced in 1993. When Ryan was about ten years old, he was visiting his uncle's police laboratory, and the freak accident that gave Allen his powers repeated itself, bathing Ryan in electrically charged chemicals. Now possessing the same powers as his uncle, Ryan donned a copy of his uncle's outfit and became the young crime fighter Kid Flash. After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, where Barry Allen was killed, Ryan took over as the fastest man alive. Following the events of Infinite Crisis, Ryan, his wife Linda Park, and their twins left Earth for an unknown dimension.
Ryan, his wife and twins were pulled back from the Speed Force by the Legion of Super-Heroes at the conclusion of The Lightning Saga. This set the stage for Ryan West's return as the Flash after the events of his time and space travel.
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