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Saturday, July 22

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Aria the Natural Marriott Grand Ballroom 13 Gourmet Girl Graffitti Marriott Grand Ballroom 11 Show By Rock!! Marriott Grand Ballroom 12 Ultra Manic Marriott Grand Ballroom 10 Batman the Animated Series: Beware the Grey Ghost (G) Marriott Grand Ballroom 8 ABC's Once Upon a Time Ballroom 20 Boomerang: Saturday Morning Cartoons Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legend and Legacy Room 25ABC Comic Creator Connection All-Stars Room 28DE Comics are for Everyone . . . Aren't They? Room 4 Content Literacy: Teaching STEM with Comics Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library Creating Animation Content for Univision Targeting Millenial Families Room 6A DC's Justice For All Room 6DE Let's Create A Cartoon Series Room 9 Skybound Entertainment: Comics and Creators Room 29AB Space . . . The Final Escape Room 7AB Spotlight on March Creators Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell Room 23ABC The Business of Geek Fashion Grand 1 & 2, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Comic–Con Film School 103 Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4 Comic-Con How-To: Show Your Story, Don't Tell It Room 2 Inside the Writers' Room: From Script to Screen and Beyond Room 24ABC Michael DeMeritt and Eleanor DeMeritt Sails Pavilion - Autographs Sandy Fox Sails Pavilion - Autographs Nickelodeon Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Nickelodeon Internship Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Arne Starr Sails Pavilion - Autographs David Liebehart Sails Pavilion - Autographs Debi Derryberry Sails Pavilion - Autographs Eliza Jane Schneider Sails Pavilion - Autographs Ellen Dubin Sails Pavilion - Autographs Empower: Mind Over Matter Sails Pavilion - Autographs Gloria Hendry Sails Pavilion - Autographs Greg Cipes Sails Pavilion - Autographs Herbert Jefferson, Jr. Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jason Williams Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jeffrey Breslauer Sails Pavilion - Autographs John Hertzler Sails Pavilion - Autographs Jon Lee Brody Sails Pavilion - Autographs Katy Foley Sails Pavilion - Autographs Kevin Conroy Sails Pavilion - Autographs Lela Lee Sails Pavilion - Autographs Patricia Tallman Sails Pavilion - Autographs Ralph Lister Sails Pavilion - Autographs Ruben Najera Sails Pavilion - Autographs SuperheroIRL Sails Pavilion - Autographs Aspen MLT, Inc (Aspen Comics) Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Lucasfilm Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Renegade Animation Studios Sails Pavilion - Portfolio Review Dungeons and Dragons: Learn to Play in the City on the Edge (DDAL7-01) Mezzanine 16A Dungeons and Dragons–Advanced Play with the Author (HULB1-2) Hulburg Burning Mezzanine 16A Dungeons and Dragons–Intermediate Play (DDAL5-10) Giant Diplomacy Mezzanine 16A Pathfinder Role Playing Game–Learn to Play Mezzanine 16B

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Himawari Marriott Grand Ballroom 11 Magic Knight Rayearth Marriott Grand Ballroom 12 Archie Comics Forever: Riverdale and Beyond Room 4 CBLDF: Retailer Rights Presentation Room 11 Comic-Con How-To: Comics and Other Geek Items for the Vision Impaired Room 2 Comics Arts Conference #11: Focus on Eric Shanower Room 26AB Genre-Blending: How and Why? Room 28DE Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday Celebration with IDW! Room 25ABC Little Lulu and John Stanley Fan Group Grand 1 & 2, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Living a Creative Lifestyle Room 29AB Superheroes and Comics Can Transform Learning Shiley Special Events Suite, San Diego Central Library The Character of Music: Music for Popular TV Room 9 The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast: The Resurgence of the Kaiju Film Genre Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Library The Official Image Comics Panel Room 7AB Women Rocking Hollywood: Female Directors Changing the Faces of Film and Television Room 23ABC How To: Documentary Filmmaking Marriott Grand Ballroom 3 & 4 Richard Dent Sails Pavilion - Autographs Family Guy and American Dad! Ballroom 20 Cartoon Voices I Room 6BCF Adam Savage Sails Pavilion - Autographs Board game or video game Mentorship Sessions Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Game Creator Connection Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Sherrilyn Kenyon Sails Pavilion - Autographs Dungeons and Dragons–Intermediate Play (DDAL3-06) No Foolish Matter Mezzanine 16A Dungeons and Dragons–Learn to Play in the City on the Edge (DDAL7-01) Mezzanine 16A Magic–4 Pack Sealed Pacific Ballroom 21 Pathfinder Role Playing Game–Learn to Play Mezzanine 16B

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